Welcome to the Hero-U page at the Quest For Glory Omnipedia. This is a sub-database that contains information on the upcoming game.

The Coles are working on a new fantasy game with inspiration from the classic Quest For Glory series, and previous School For Heroes web community. Learn all there is to know about it here. Enjoy the page, and good luck adding pages to the Category:School For Heroes. Please do not break copyrights. A screenshot is OK, the game is not ;)

Hero-U Material:

Here you will find all the info you'll ever need about the Hero-U game.

Main Characters:

Look at Characters category for a complete list.

About the OmnipediaEdit

The point of the Sub-Main Page is to make new pages, and link to others. You can edit every page in this Omnipedia to add new information, by clicking the "Edit" link at the top.

It would be preferable if you created an account, so we know who you are ;)

You can edit a page using simple text, or a subset of HTML.

Some suggestions, just to get people started (please add your own!)

Remember to check out the wiki's Canon policy for further information how to link and use information. Special rules apply as the main focus of this wiki will remain the classic Quest For Glory material, but Hero-U (or School For Heroes material) will be treated under its own special rules with its own separate pages.

Fan Created MaterialEdit

Links to fan created material can be found under Fan Main Page. Information to fan created material should be limited to articles linked from that page, or within articles from that page.

Editing PagesEdit

From an existing page, you can create a link to a new page (whether it exists or not), by putting [[double brackets]]around the linked text. That will create a link to a page titled "double brackets".

Obviously, you want to link to better pages than "Double brackets" ;)

Creating New PagesEdit

To create a new page, edit an existing page, and create a link to it. Then, click on that link and click Edit. (Or cheat, and type it into the URL bar directly)

If a page shares a name with an existing Quest For Glory topic, create a new page with the (Hero-U) in parenthesis. This would create a page for example [[Silmaria (Hero-U)]] as an example.

Add your own, please! You can see the pages that people have linked to, that don't yet exist.

Also, PLEASE add a small summary (in the summary box, under edit) when editing a page. It makes it MUCH easier to see what you've changed ;)

Let us know if there is anything else you want help with.

-The Management & anyone else who's interested in Hero-U, School For Heroes & Quest For Glory.

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