Lorre Petrovich is the Chief Thief of Mordavia. He is the uncle of Ugarte. He sent a letter to his nephew in Silmaria calling him a little sneak.[1] His nephew hopes to win the Chief Thief contest in Silmaria to win his praise.

If the hero is able to enter the Mordavia Theives Guild and work out it's puzzles then the Hero can meet Lorre. Lorre at first resembles enomous beetle, but with the hero's help can manage to return to his human form.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Its possible to murder the Chief Thief.
  • Looking at him gives a nod to Ugarte, as looking like an "older Ugarte".
  • He forshadows pick pocketing, saying that it would be a skill that the Hero could learn in Silmaria.[2]
  • Lorre appears to be quite accomplished at the Throwing skill, as he notes how he "showed" how fast he could throw daggers to a thief who questions his speed.


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  2. "Some place such as Silmaria, perhaps."

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