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Liontaurs are a leonine race, much like centaurs, inhabiting the lands of Gloriana. Though they have the head of a lion and the hindquarters of a lion, they have the torso and arms of a human (although covered in fur and much stronger than humans). They primarily live in their kingdom of Tarna in East Fricana, but some have been known to travel for various reasons. They are kin to the Katta race.


Liontaur society is bound by honor. As such, any rule breaking renders one "honorless", and marks them as a societal pariah forbidden from even speaking with other citizens of the society.

Liontaurs are the chosen people of the goddess Sekhmet. Presumably, this shapes many of the beliefs held by the Liontaur people as a whole -- especially the belief that women are more rational and better at making decisions than men and also that Liontaurs are superior creatures to humans and other races. Liontaurs are ruled over by a king, who wins the Rites of Rulership to take the throne. However, the king is not the sole ruler of the kingdom of Tarna, a council of female Liontaurs, the Council of Judgment, makes the majority of the decisions. The Council also arranges and run the Rites of Rulership, and deems when a king is no longer fit to rule.

More specifics about the Liontaur hierarchy are located on the Tarna article.

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Liontaur (unofficial)Edit

See Liontaur (unofficial).

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