The Last Borgov, the Boyar Borgov (aka Barishnikov Vasiliovitch Borgov[1], Sergei Borgov[2] and Barney) was the last of the Borgov family lineage and final Boyar to oversee the lands of Mordavia.


An enterprising and ambitious person, "Barney" (as his friends called him) noted the growing influence of the Cult of Amon Tillado from within the village. Seeing the worshippers of Avoozl as a potential tourist attraction with which to bring more travellers to Mordavia, he encouraged the development of the cult. It was not long, however, before he too was consumed by the Mad Monk's teachings and became a servant of the Dark One.

Once Amon Tillado passed away, the Cult fell into disarray as to who would lead and give further directive to the monks. Somehow, Barney managed to become the new leader of the Cult, adopting the title of High Priest. Leading the Cult, they made an effort to summon Avoozl from a cave hollowed out from within Mount Malign. The cave began to reshape itself, becoming a grotesque, biological network, almost a living creature of its own - the aspect of Avoozl began to manifest itself.

Soon, however, an army led by the Paladin Piotyr and Erana arrived and began combat with the Cult in one last ditch effort to stop the arrival of the Dark One. Many of the Cultists were transformed into horrible, inhuman creatures known as Chernovy.

Barney, however, became something far more sinister, a Pit Horror - and was left to guard the caves and the rituals for the decades to follow. He was finally destroyed by the Hero in Quest For Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.

Some say that he was the last of the Borgovs, others say he had a son who left the valley in shame and horror.[3] His son ultimately died, and the last Boyar outlived his son as a terrible monstrosity.

Behind the scenes

Note: as this character has been listed with two names by the original designers this article chooses not to treat either one more official than the other.

According to Corey Cole, Barishnikov and Sergei may be two seperate individuals.[4]

This is confusing however as both have essentially the same backstory, both are described as the "Last Borgov/Last Boyar", both joined the cult, and gave permission to build the Monastery, and both apparently turned into monsters that slivered into the Dark One's Cave in the end (where they or at least one of them hid the last ritual).

This could mean that one is possibly the son of the other, but it still doesn't indicate why both would be considered Boyars, and the "Last Borgov" at that. Or it could have just been a mistake when they were writing both documents.[5]


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