The Land of Mordavia[1] (Mordavia) is a valley in the mountains of eastern Gloriana. It lies far to the east of Spielburg Valley and a bit west of Surria. Mordavia means Dark Valley in the Slavic tongue spoken there[2]. The town of Mordavia acts as pretty much the single hub of civilization in the entire valley (besides the Gypsy camp). The valley was once ruled from Castle Borgov. The valley is a nexus of great magical power, which is why the gypsies and Cult of the Dark One were drawn to it.

The Eastern Woods lie in and near the Valley. It is said that Mordavia was the original homeland of Erana.

Garlic is the Mordavian national vegetable, and is a very popular ingredient in the Mordavian cuisine.


The Land of Mordavia is a small valley surrounded by the Malignant Mountains to the south, the Carpathologic Mountains to the west, the Aphotic Alps to the north, and the Heinous Hills to the east. There is a single pass into valley that was once blocked by a treacherous swamp. Major sites in Mordavia include Erana's Garden, Castle Borgov, the Hangman Tree, the Cave of the Dark One (aka Dark Cave), the gypsy camp, and the town cemetery (location of Borgovs' Crypt[3]), the Squid Stone[4], and the Tomb of the Mad Monk[5].


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Mordavia is hinted at the end of Quest for Glory 2, but is pushed back one game.
  • Mordavia is mentioned in QFG3, it is mentioned that the value of exchange for Mordavian coinage has bottomed out, since no one could travel in and out of the country at the time of QFG3. This implies that Tarna and Mordavia trade routes are directly linked to each other in some way.
  • Mordavia is intended to be located in the same equivalent location as Transylvania.[9][10] Which is actually physically located southeast of Bavaria, Germany (Spielburg), which lies a bit northwest of Crete (Marete/Silmaria), and northwest of Persia/Arabia (Shapeir) on earth.
  • Several characters in Shadows of Darkness mention that Erana was originally from Mordavia (or at leat near Mordavia)[11]
  • In QFG1 it was originally said that the Fairy Folk (including Zara and Erana) originated from the forests beyond the mountains to the west of Spielburg Valley, this was later retconned in QFG2, to the east, "Eastern Woods", and confirmed in Shadows of Dakness (the manual and several ingame characters state Fairy Folk live in or near Mordavia), this is focused on more during a Magic User game.
  • Mordavia is hinted to have at one time had a large number of elephants. One townsperson, Ivan, is still an elephant herder.


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