Khaveen was a henchman of vizier Ad Avis in Raseir.


When Ad Avis deposed Emir Arus al-Din and occupied Raseir, Khaveen was placed as captain of the city guard. Harboring a deep hatred for the Katta, he gave the edict that they all be forced out of the city at once - those who did not comply were presumably imprisoned in the dungeons or killed.

The quality of life in Raseir declined as the magical well-spring that kept the city alive stopped flowing, and Khaveen held a state-regulated water distribution to hold the citizens at his mercy. Those left behind were kept under his iron grip and his ruthless guards.

He had in his possession a fake replica of the Black Bird and also intended to marry the Emir's daughter, Zayishah.

The Hero first met him when he arrived to Raseir. Khaveen rudely and violently interrogated his business and demanded his visa.

The next day, the Hero witnessed Ugarte arrested by Khaveen for keeping illegal water. The same night (if the player is a Thief), Ferrari will task him with attempting to steal the fabled Black Bird from Khaveen's chambers. However, on his return, Ferrari learns that the bird that was kept in Khaveen's possession was, in reality, a fake. Disgruntled, but not yet broken, Signor Ferrari and his confidant Wilmer close up shop and resume their search elsewhere.

The morning, Khaveen comes to the Dead Parrot Inn and has the hero arrested in the dungeons.

When the Hero quickly escapes Khaveen's dungeon, he can meet him again;

  • The Fighter will meet and fight him before confronting Ad Avis. During the fight, Khaveen loses his sword. The Hero must give it back to him as an act of Honor. Nonetheless, Khaveen finds death by the Hero's sword.
  • The Wizard will Calm him, causing Khaveen to lose interest in his post, and wander away. Later, he will enter the ritual tower while Ad Avis and the Hero are dueling, and his master's transformative spell will bounce off of the Wizard's Reversal spell and strike Khaveen, turning him into a snake.


  • Captain of the Raseirian Guard

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Khaveen is named after Rick Cavin, the head of Trial by Fire production.
  • In QFG2 Khaveen's fate can be seen only in the Fighter and Wizard paths.
  • Killing Khaveen unarmed will prevent the player from becoming a Paladin. However offering him his sword back, will grant 7 Paladin Points

Khaveen (unofficial)Edit

Khaveen appears in the QFG2 VGA remake, Quest for Glory: Trial by Fire VGA, see Khaveen (unofficial)).

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