Khatib Mukar'ram was the last survivor of the Peace Mission.


He was once a brilliant speaker and diplomat for Tarna (the largest city in East Fricana). He was the negotiator for Tarna, and knew the languages of every creature around Tarna, and knew about the customs of humans. He was honored and respected by all who met him.

They were attacked by demons on the way and he lost an eye and an arm. He managed to return to Tarna and the Hero met him and asked about his mission. He died some days later.

After his death there is a rumor that a ghostly figure with a staff can be seen after midnight when the moon is full walking the middle plateau in Tarna.

Personality and traitsEdit


"It didn't want to kill me...It wanted to hurt me. It wanted to scare me...It wanted my wanted me to die scared, to try to get away. It's eating my soul. No. No..."

--Khatib describing the demon attack.

Behind the scenesEdit

He is also called Kharib, Mukarram, Makar'ram, and Mukar'ran in the game.[1]


  1. Janna Jamil(QFG3): "Only Kharib returned, which is why we he is called the survivor.", "...Khatib Mukarram...", "...Khatib Makar'ram, will honor the inn with his presence.", "Khatib Makar'ram has died today.", Rakeesh (QFG3): "...Khatib Mukar'ran..."

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