Keapon Laffin is a Gnome Wizard and merchant living in Shapeir. In Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, the player may find Keapon at any time in his shop - where he sells a wide array of items, mostly magical in nature, although lots of miscellaneous (and unpurchaseable) items are seen on the shelves as well, mostly in reference to pop-culture and other Sierra titles.

Being a magic user whose primary element is Air, Keapon has a very lighthearted and spontaneous personality. His shop is seen as an endless hall of high shelves, with a glistening floor and what appears to be the sunny sky hanging above it - representative of his demeanor.

When Shapeir fell under attack by an Air Elemental, the Hero sought Keapon's aid in figuring out how to deal with it.


Behind the scenesEdit

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