King Justinian was the former king of Silmaria, he was murdered by Bruno (his throat was cut, and he was poisoned).

Behind the scenesEdit

King Justinian is shown to have died by having his throat slit open in the intro video but is said to have died by poisoning in the game.

By the time that the Hero is Teleported to Silmaria, the King has been dead for some time (though exact amount of time is unclear). During that time Logos, the Speaker of Silmaria had been contacting various people through Erasmus to invesigate the King's murder, and also to prepare for the Rites of Rulership. During this time Rakeesh was contacted and brought to Silmaria, the Sultan of Shapeir donated money for the Hero to join the Rites, etc. Erasmus made several attempts to contact the Hero, soon Hero had made it to Mordavia, but magical forces in Mordavia disrupted his crystal ball's reception. This would suggest that Justinian was killed shortly before QFG4, or early on into the game.

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