Jotunheim, in the Northlands, is the home of the Frost Giants. It is an arctic, frost field and mountainous region which lies far to the north of Spielburg and Willowsby. It is the home It is a home of ice and sleet, and the source of all snowstorms. Brauggi is an inhabitant of the land.

Jotunheim lies somewhere north of Germany, near Norway, Finelandia and the Danesmark.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jotunheim is referred to as the "home of the giants, source of all snowstorms, the sender of sleet" by the Brauggi, one such migrant from this place.

Jötunheimr (or Jǫtunheimr; often anglicized Jotunheim) is one of the Nine Worlds and the homeland (heim 'home') of the Giants of Norse Mythology to both the Rock Giants and Frost Giants.

Jotunheimen is the name of a large mountain range in Norway.

It is the equivalent of the Scandinavian nations of Earth, and is steeped in Norse folklore and myth.

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