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Janos was the former fiancé of Elyssa, who was known during his life to have had a vicious temper.[1] He appears as a wraith in the Cemetery in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, as part of a quest.


While skinny dipping with his soon-to-be bride, she refused to serve his needs and so he drowned her. He was never convicted of any sort of murder, never remarried, and was eventually buried next to his fiance's empty grave. Elyssa became a Rusalka, barely remembering her past (except that her killer was a jerk).

As a Paladin, Devon Aidendale was asked by Piotyr to free the spirit of the Rusalka. As part of this, the Hero had to beat Janos' grave with a broom with the Rusalka's hair in it. When he did this, Janos' angry spirit arose and battled the Hero. Devon won, and has freed the Rusalka from her enchantment, allowing her to finally rest in peace.


  1. I told you he was a jerk. Janos the jerk. I remember he even had bad breath."

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