Janna Jamil is the owner of the Welcome Inn in Tarna and wife of Kirbir. The Hero can flirt with her. She also arranged a meeting with Khatib Mukar'am.

Janna likes it when the Hero flirts with her and compliments him for his smooth tongue. She sometimes mentions her husband.

The Hero may offer Janna some of his possessions (Sapphire Pin, Fire Opal, Bead Necklace, Gem of the Guardian). Janna will appreciate the gifts, but politely refuse to take them, either because the gift is too valuable or because her husband will dispparove.

After several days of flirting, the sentences she exchanges with the Hero repeat themselves.

Behind the scenesEdit

Flirting with Jana trains the Communication skill. Despite the common misbelief, it will not prevent the Hero (playing as Fighter) from becoming a Paladin.

She is one of the token characters throughout the Quest for Glory series that the Hero can flirt with (including Hilde (QFG1), Dinarzad (QFG2), Katrina (QFG4/5), Budar, Nawar, Elsa, Erana (QFG5)).

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