The Isle of Gramarye is an island on the world of Gloriana near western Europe.


In southern Gramarye lies the land of Albion, the homeland of balloonist Phineas, who made a journey around the world, and the home of Lawrence before he journeyed to the Middle East to fight in World War I.[1] As well as the land of Camelot; the homeland of Trismagister Merlyn Ambrosius and his familiar Archimedes the owl and Arthur.[2]

In northern Gramarye lies the land of Scotland, the Birnam Wood, and the home of Nessie.




Behind the scenesEdit

In T. H. White's The Once and Future King, the Isle of Gramarye is another name for Great Britain (or the island in which Scotland and England are located), Gramarye can more specifically refer to the England of the Middle Ages. Merlin's artwork in the game is based on the Disney's version of Merlin in The Sword in the Stone, which was based off of a section of the book. The reference to Archimedes in Hero Magazine, was also a reference to a character from The Once and Future King.[3]

"Ambrosius" is a reference to Merlin Ambrosius, a name originally introduced by Geoffrey of Monmouth in Historia Regum Britanniae.

While Merlin appears in another Sierra game, Conquests of Camelot, none of these literary references appear in that game. Although QFG2 does make a reference to the other Sierra game.

References from at least two different literary sources, and a nod to Conquests of Camelot have been combined to create Merlin's background in Sierra's version of the Quest for Glory universe.

The reference to Isle of Gramarye implies that it is the Quest for Glory's equivalent to isle of Great Britain in Sierra's official series, although Albion also appears in QFG5.

Cole's UniverseEdit

England is given alternate names in the Cole's parallel non-QFG versions of Gloriana. In the Cole's private tabletop version of the world this island is called "Albumen" (an egg related joke, and pun on Albion)[4] and in the universe of School for Heroes it is called "Albion".

It is possible that the Isle of Gramarye reference was intended as an easter egg, as Albion is the Cole's usual name for British island in later games, and their own "Gloriana" related material including Hero-U.