Iblis is an ancient Marid Djinn of immense power. He is the nemesis of Allah.


A thousand years ago, Iblis attempted to conquer the mortal plane of Gloriana and enslave all mortal men. From what may be briefly seen in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, he may have been attuned to the element of Air, harnessing the power of lightning, though it is possible that Marid Djinn are capable of commanding multiple, if not all, of the elements at their will. Using these great magical powers, Iblis alone attempted to bring the world to his knees.

The ruling Sultan of Shapeir at the time, Suleiman bin Daoud, made an effort to stop the Djinn. He created a vast city in the far reaches of the desert, and made an effort to summon vast numbers of Djinni to his side, binding them in the cause to defeat Iblis. A great war took place between Suleiman's Djinni and the Marid - ultimately, Iblis was imprisoned in a statue and left in the depths of Suleiman's "Forbidden City", to be lost for, as prophecy dictates, "a thousand years and a year".

The Djinn He Who Waits Behind was left in a magical ring in the same chamber to keep watch over Iblis.

Rediscovery Edit

The powerful and corrupt Vizier of Raseir, Ad Avis, made an effort to summon Iblis. Claiming he has spent nearly seventy years of his life preparing for the day when the prophecy foretelling Iblis' release would come full circle, he manipulated an unknown Hero into retrieving the statue from the Forbidden City.

Ad Avis retired to his tower in the city, where he recreated the Seal of Suleiman and attempted to release the Djinni. His plans were ultimately foiled through the combined efforts of the Hero and He Who Waits Behind, and the statue of Iblis fell again into obscurity.

Titles and nicknames Edit

  • Chaos
  • Darkness

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Arabic culture from which Quest For Glory II derives much of its inspiration, Iblis is the name of the Devil, also known as the Shayṭān (which is interestingly enough another type of Djinni mentioned in the series).