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Honor is a measure that is not a typical Ability or Skill, yet is counted among them. Honor is the measure of the good deeds a Hero has done throughout his quest. It was first introduced in Quest for Glory II, and is applicable to all classes.


Similar to the concept of a "karma meter", Honor is a numerical measure of how "good" the Hero is. A high Honor shows that the Hero is righteous, self-sacrificing, and kind. A low Honor shows that the Hero is dishonest, selfish, and even cruel.

Honor is not something that is truly needed like a skill would be. A Hero can complete his adventure with any measure of Honor, high or low. A Thief, for example, will tend to have a low Honor due to his propensity for theft. Honor is mostly a personal measure.

That said, there are some reasons to maintain a good level of Honor. If the Hero wishes to become a Paladin, he will need to raise his Honor to a decent level in order to have his good deeds recognized.

Furthermore, in Quest for Glory V, Honor replaces Communication as the means by which a Hero bargains. With a higher Honor, merchants will allow the bargaining of the price of an item down further than normal.

Raising HonorEdit

There are many ways to raise Honor. Several deeds done throughout the story of the games will raise Honor, and in this way, are unavoidable. There are also small deeds that can be done to improve Honor, such as:

  • Giving Flowers to women
  • Giving money to the poor
  • Giving aid to the downtrodden
  • Helping someone with a problem

Sometimes the deed will be simple, like returning a lost item. Sometimes the Hero can fulfill a person's lifelong dream.

Specific and "quick" ways of raising Honor in each game include:

Lowering HonorEdit

There are several ways to decrease Honor. Although none come from deeds that are critical to the story, the Thief character will gain Puzzle Points from deeds that inherently cost him Honor. These deeds may include:

  • Breaking and entering
  • Stealing
  • Attacking an unarmed or docile adversary

Perhaps the most famous method of losing Honor in the series is by killing Lorre Petrovich in Quest for Glory IV after he is turned back into a human. He will be defenseless against an attack and die. This will set the Hero's Honor to 0.

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