Hilde Pferdefedern is the daughter of Heinrich Pferdefedern.



Hilde is the propietor of Hilde's Vegetable Booth where she sells; Tomatoes, which are always red and tasteful. Carrots, which are always are orange as never seen before, and crops of salad, which are always refreshing.

Hilde is too young to date.

QFG4 ½Edit


Hilde's date...

Some years ago the Hero (unofficial) asked Hilde out on a date. But she refused telling him that her father wouldn't allow it because she was too young. However, she told the Hero that he should come back in a year or so, and she should be old enough. Several years later and after a few adventures, the Hero returned to Spielburg where he met her again. Her father had died the previous spring, she was all alone. She had few customers, and felt it was a waste of time to tend her garden as the food would go to waste anyways.

However, the Hero offered to help her tend her garden. She offered to pay one gold for the work, and even agreed to make good on the offer of the date she had made long before. The Hero hoed her garden. That afternoon they had their 'date', however, what she really wanted was sex. Later she thanked the hero for the good time she had (and that she was still sore).

Behind the scenesEdit

Hilde Pferdefedern was a character in the original and remake of Quest for Glory 1. If the character asked her for a date she responded by saying she was too young, and that perhaps in a year she would be ready to date. (

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