Hilde Pferdefedern is the daughter of Heinrich Pferdefedern.


She is a young, pretty female centaur, and sells the produce her father grows at their stall in the town of Spielburg.

Heinrich does not permit her to date, as he does not consider her old enough. In the early spring she mostly sells apples, but also offers some vegetables. The Hero purchased a number of these apples for the Frost Giant Brauggi.


Behind the scenesEdit

Hilde is one of the token characters that the Hero can flirt with during the Quest for Glory series. In the original you can flirt in a couple of ways, "ask for a date/kiss", etc. In the remake one of the options is "ask for a date", or try to 'touch her' (with the hand cursor). She turns him down however, since she is too young and her father wouldn't allow it. She tells the hero to check back in a year. You even gain two points for attempting to flirt.

She is said to be a teenager. Given the context of the story and usual western norms, she is likely seventeen, and will be eighteen in the following year.


In the EGA version, these are the topics that the character can be asked about: name, farmer, centaurs, date, fruits, vegetables, apples, cherries, harvest, brigands, Healer

Hilde (unofficial)Edit

Hilde appears in the fan games, see Hilde Pferdefedern (unofficial)