The Hero's Tale Inn is an inn in the Town of Spielburg. It is featured in Quest for Glory I


The inn is found very near the town entrance, just west of the Sheriff's Office. A sign with the inn's name is above the door.

Inside, visitors will find a cozy Alpine inn with a warm fire stoked in the hearth and the heady aroma of incense in the air. The decor seems to combine the Alpine flavor of the region with the desert origin of its Katta owners. The inn consists of a main room, a kitchen, and an undisclosed number of sleeping rooms. The main room is where the innkeeper, Shameen, greets his customers. His lifemate, Shema, is most often found in the kitchen, and serves guests food and beverages.

The inn had been run by Shameen and Shema for three years prior to the events of Quest for Glory I. With the arrival of their merchant friend, Abdulla Doo, they were to close the inn and return home to Shapeir. With Abdulla robbed by the brigands, the Katta fear they are stranded far from home, that is until the Hero recovers their treasure and Abdulla's flying carpet.

A reference is made to the inn in Quest for Glory V. After Shameen and Sheema left for Shapeir, the inn was taken over by Shavi Rah. Shavi Rah hoped to turn the Hero's Tale Inn into a franchise and advertised as far away as Silmaria.

The inn opens at dawn and closes at midnight.


In-Game InteractionsEdit

Coffee or tea 1 silver
Drink for Abdulla 2 silvers
Meal 3 silvers
Meal for Abdulla 4 silvers
Room for one night 5 silvers

Food and drink can be purchased by the Hero at the inn, and five silvers will buy him a night's rest, although this does not guarantee full restoration.

In the evening, Abdulla will be found seated at the table, where he can be questioned about his robbery. Paying for his meal or drink will cost an extra silver compared to the same for the Hero. He can also be given a Food Ration.


  • Tea can only be purchased in the EGA version of the game. Only coffee will be served in the VGA version.
  • The appearance and origin of the Katta and Abdulla is meant to be a preview for the sequel: Quest for Glory II.
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