This page details the development of Hero's Quest I: So You Want To Be A Hero (later renamed Quest for Glory I).

Changes and cutsEdit

A lot of planned features were cut off in the development progress, to release the game in a realistic amount of time. Originally, Lori had planned for four different races: thief-like gnome, magic wielding elf, human as jack of all trades, and archer centaur. For the limited resources in the animating department, races were replaced with multiple classes for the human character. [1] In the original design, there was supposed to be a big goblin maze. References to this have remained in the goblin base of the original version. [2] Many of the town buildings were planned to be enterable. Also, magic users were supposed to be able to get a familiar like Zara had, but it was cut due to programming difficulties. [3] Sierra's 1989 video catalog showed off an early version of the game. The opening title animation was different, and there was a fourth character selection option--a choice to "do it yourself" and pick whatever skills you liked. Most combat was from a fully first-person perspective instead of being seen from just behind the Hero. There was also a provision for a third-person combat system for random encounters, which was later dropped. It had what appears to be a point-and-click interface, resembling the combat style of the later VGA QFG installments. Screenshots from this early version can be seen below.

A non-interactive demo of the game was released by Sierra. It features a combat screen with alternate, more elaborate fonts for the "Hero Status" and "Enemy Status" text above the status bars.



  1. Transolar Games Entertainment: Hero's Quest
  2. Live chat 31 March 2001 - - Corey Cole: QG1 was supposed to have a whole underground "Goblin Maze", but we had to cut it for lack of time and resources. I think there's still one reference to it that slipped through into the game.
  3. Live chat 31 March 2001 - - Lori Cole: We wanted to have the Hero be able to have a familiar, like Zara in the first game. That was just too difficult to pull off in programming.

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