Hero's Quest was the former series name for the Quest For Glory series.


Hero's Quest I: So You Want To Be A Hero? was the first and only game to be released under the Hero's Quest IP. QFG1 was originally known as "Hero's Quest". After publication of the game, it was discovered that the Milton Bradley company had already trademarked the name "HeroQuest", and a decision was made to change the name to avoid the confusion.[1] The main difference between the Hero's Quest version was the title screen and a few changes to dialogue.

The game was later rereleased as Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero (with title screen changed, and some of the script changed to compensate).

Initially Trial by Fire was going to be released as Hero's Quest II: Trial by Fire, but was switched to Quest for Glory for its release. Hero's Quest II: Trial By Fire is mentioned in the ending/credits of Hero's Quest I. The ending sequence to Hero's Quest shows a teaser of the game's title.

A 'cover' in QFG2 states; "It's the cover from from the "The Shrine of Hero's Quest," gone but not forgotten.


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