The Hero is the player character of the Quest for Glory series. It is also the preferred occupation and the title used for said player.

In the games, the player can choose any name for character. In the original game if no name is chosen it defaults to "Unknown Hero", and simply "Hero" in QFG5 (all other games require input of a name). His identity is given as Devon Aidendale in Quest for Glory: The Authorized Strategy Guide (however his story only follows the path of the three-four pure class types rather than any hybrids, with the Paladin originating from the Fighter in QFG2).


Hero is the title for which all adventurers strive. A hero must be trust- worthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Be he (or she) fighter or wizard thief or man (or woman) about town; he (or she) is the desire of all women and the envy of all men (or perhaps the other way around). To become a Hero, one must first become an adventurer. Adventurers are most often Fighters, Magic Users, and Thieves. A few become Paladins.

To be a Hero is, of course, one of the preferred occupations for Fighters of all times and climes. Receiving the adulation of a grateful peasantry (and often as not a few members of the fairer - which is to say, preferred - sex) can do wonders for your ego. The more substantial rewards from those of means can also be very useful when it comes time to advance one' s education and career with the marvelous Famous Adventurers' Correspondence School supplementary materials.

The character name Devon Aidendale was made canon (Original Canon) when published in official game novelizations found in the Quest for Glory: The Authorized Strategy Guide. However, references to "Hero", and "Unknown Hero" are primarily used for the name/title of the character (to respect the intent of the series). Players can choose to use any name they prefer within the games.

 Ingame Chracter's definitionsEdit

"A true Hero knows what must be done when there is need, and he must be able to do it." Rakeesh

"the one that faces fear when the darkness gathers near" Poet Omar.

"A hero will brave the very darkness for the needs of others" Ja'Afar's interpretation.

"A real hero is someone who did not start out strong or powerful, but who uses his courage, brains and skills to become the best he can be" Wolfgang Abenteur

"Master the Arts Arcane, use those magic skills to vanquish the evil curse, and you will become a true Hero!" Zara Shashina

"To be real hero here, you need to become Paladin." Uhura

"The stars predict that only a great hero may aid us through the upcoming darkness." Abu al-Njun


Through the course of the game series the hero is given many proper titles by various characters or from interpretration (or misinterpretation) of prophecies. Note: Some of these titles may appear in more than one category.

Heroic TitlesEdit

These are the titles designating the Hero's heroic nature.

  • Hero-to-be[1]
  • Hero
  • Unknown Hero[2]
  • Hero from the East[3]
  • Hero of Spielburg[2][4]
  • Real Hero[5]
  • Hero of the Realm of Spielburg[6]
  • Hero of the Realm[6]
  • Hero of the Land of Spielburg[7]
  • Hero of Tarna[8]
  • Hero of Shapeir[4]
  • Hero of the North/Hero from the North[4]
  • Hero of the Northland/Hero from the Northland[9]
  • Hero-friend[4]
  • Hero of the Kattas[4]
  • Hero of Two Lands[10]
  • Great Hero[4]
  • Hero of Mordavia[11]
  • Hero of Raseir[12]
  • Hero of Many Lands[13]
  • Brave and Kind Hero[6]
  • O Prince among Heroes[6]
  • Wizard-Hero[4]
  • Brave One[4]
  • True Hero[14]
  • Champion of Silmaria[15]
  • Famous Adventurer

Titles of NobilityEdit

The titles concerning the Hero's noble ambition or nobility perceived by others.

Titles of FriendshipEdit

Titles concerning the Hero's friendship to various people including Katta and gypsies.

  • Katta-Friend[4][18]
  • Friend of the Katta
  • Hero-friend
  • O Friend of My People[18]
  • Gypsy Friend[19]
  • Hero-man

EOF TitlesEdit

  • Brother Scorpion[4] (title for "killing" Walid during the EOF initiation)
  • Brother Saurus[4] (title for sparing Walid during the EOF initiation)

Genie titlesEdit

Class TitlesEdit

Titles bestowed onto the hero based on class (note some of these may be shared across Hybrid characters).

Deed TitlesEdit

Titles referring to specific deeds.

  • Defeater of Elementals/Defeater of the Elementals[4]
  • Hand of Destiny[29]
  • He Who Waits Behind[30]
  • Doer
  • Changer of Worlds
  • Fate Maker
  • Releaser of Darkness
  • Doom of Tarna
  • Opener of the World Gates
  • Opener of the Way
  • Bringer of Spear

Outsider titlesEdit

Nick namesEdit


  • Infidel of Shapeir[43]
  • O Finder of Lost Things[44]
  • Indian Giver


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The character name Devon Aidendale was made canon when published in official game novelizations found in the Quest for Glory: The Authorized Strategy Guide. However, references to "Hero", and "Unknown Hero" are primarily used for the name/title of the character (to respect the intent of the series). Also the Devon Aidendale character really only applies to some very specific versions of the four character classes making certain choices that other players may or may not have made (such as avoiding attacking the Antwerp).
  • If no name is given for the hero in the first game (original version), he will be known as the Unknown Hero. In the VGA game the character will simply lack a name (though he will have option of answering "Unknown Hero" to the Gargoyle). The player is required to create a name if character from the remake is transferred into the second (or later game). The name "Unknown Hero" if used will transfer on to future games.
  • In Quest for Glory V, the default name is Hero.
  • In sample character stats screens shown in the Quest for Glory Anthology manual, the hero is given the name Jester for the first two games, Joker in QFG3, and Wednesday in GFG4 section.
  • In the stat screen shown in the manual for HQ/QF1 he is given then name Brutus.
  • In the stat screen shown in the QFG2 manual he is given the name Gonad the Barbarian.
  • In the stat screen shown in the QFGIV manual he is given the name Dingleberry.
  • A character named "Paladin" is included as 'import' option in QFG5 for people who may not have access to earlier games in the series.
  • It is possible for the Hero to marry up to three women in a single game. A Paladin or Mage may marry Erana, Elsa, and Nawar. A mage or fighter can marry Katrina, Elsa and Nawar. Katrina is particularly picky and must be courted before anyone else (she will not marry anyone with thief skills).
  • Thieves are limited to only marrying Elsa and Newar in a single game.
  • The ending will acknowledge whoever you married first (though you will have the deeds for any additional marriages).
  • Interestingly, the HERO: The Journal of General Job Adjusting issue in QFG4 confirms that the Hero of the QFG series is a Magic User, or at least a hybrid character.
  • Devon Aidendale is not a hybrid character. But represents either a fighter who becomes a paladin, a pure magic user, and a pure thief. A pure fighter is included as an option in the story for QFG4.
  • Attacking the Antwerp in QFG1 is optional. Devon Aidendale did not attack the Antwerp and did not cause a population explosion. Other Heros in the Multiverse apparently did attack the Antwerp and caused a population explosion (strangely regardless of if they chose to attack it or not).
  • Paladins are at least by their very nature a hybrid character and earn 5 points in magic in QFG3, as soon as they learn healing hand spell, and can learn magic spells as well. Assuming they avoid looking for magic spells, and do not train their spells, raise their magic level, they will lose their magic points in QFG5.
  • Strangely, Budar confirms that the Hero hid in the Harems, no matter what class the hero might be (this a reference to the Thief events in QFG2). She also remembers the hero, although the Hero only meets her during the Thief path.
  • Given the few background details to the character given in off hand lines in the game, including being open access to bars/pubs, as well as hints to his previous drug use (and his potential drug use within the games), as well as the given or implied age of those he flirts with (Elsa is eighteen for example). It can be assumed he is an adult likely age of 18 or over during the game series. He technically can prove himself to be an 'adult' in QFG3 during the initiation ceremony.
  • The Hero appears in an odd bit of 'expanded universe' in Quest For Glory V Readme File.
  • In a few lines in QFG1VGA it mentions the hero missed his last dentist appointment and also his annual visit with a healer.
  • The Hero is roughly six feet tall (based on his height compared to Antwerp which is about six-feet tall).

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