Henry the Hermit (aka Henry the Eighth[1]) is a hermit that lives in the Hermit's Cave near the Flying Falls.


Both his parents were also hermits. He is the eighth generation of a series of Henrys who were all hermits. As a Hermit he is a solitary type and (he jokes) doesn't talk much, like his brother Harry who hardly says a word in a year, and his sister Hortense who hasn't spoken since six years old. As everyone in his family are hermits, they all live far from each other.

However he seems pretty eloquent whenever he has visitors and is good friends to other characters of the Spielburg Valley. Erasmus taught him some magic and also enchanted some things around his cave so that Henry can use them with minimal knowledge (specifically the Trigger spell); in such a way, he camouflaged the ladder to his door in order to protect his house from the brigands. Even those who climbed the rocks, they'd be hit by the opening door. He borrowed the Magic Mirror from Erasmus but then he gave it to Laspo Yorick.

He can let the Hero sleep on his hay bed, if he pays him some food Ration and spend some time playing cribbage, but he talks all the time and won't allow him to rest. He can also teach the Magic User the Trigger spell. If you steal from him, fight him, or cast magic in his presence, he will be "un'appy" and he will use the Trigger spell to teleport you to the top of the waterfall without a barrel.

Personality and traitsEdit

He characteristically doesn't pronounce "h".

Behind the scenesEdit

His name might be a reference to the King Henry VIII and/or the song "I'm Henry the Eighth, I am".


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