Hell is the world of the Demons[1] and another dimension. It is an underworld where evil beings go when they die in Gloriana.[2]


Hell is not the same place as Hades (though some confuse the two locations).[3] Although evil souls who pass into Hades may be judged and transported onto Hell. Demons are reeking creatures from hell, who constantly attempt to free themselves into mortal world.[4] The staircase from a temple led down to the abyss of the underworld. Demon guards overlooked the abyss.

Demons attempt to open up World Gates, gates between the underworld and the real world. When the Hero, reached the top of the spiral staircase to the top of the tower in the Lost City, what he saw was a vision of hell. The Demon Wizard was standing upon a platform hovering above the infinite abyss of the underworld, plotting with his evil master in the underworld. When he defeated the Demon Wizard the gate to the underworld was closed forever.[5]

It it is taught in the FACS training manuals that when you cross a demon from hell with a lawyer, you get another lawyer.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

Logos refers to Hades as "Hell", but a message within Hades, says its "Hades, not Hell".

The Quest for Glory: The Athorized Guide establishes that the world which the demons originated from is Hell. It also establishes parts of the Demon's world had already bled into the 'real world', thus explaining the hellish red skies above, sickly green glow of the crevasse, and the spiny growths portruding out of the stone work of the platform where the Demon Wizard was opening the World Gate, as well as the evil weird bio-looking mirrors.

One of the death messages in QFG3 occurs if the player attempts to pass through the open World Gate into the land of Demons. The player realizes he will soon expire.


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