Helena is mainland to the north of Silmaria.[1] It lies east of Hesperia and Rome.


It is an ancient land in Gloriana. Little is known about other than that Hera was (and possibly still is) the goddess of love and marriage in the ancient kingdom. It was also apparently known for winged statues. Gyros are the delight of Helena, and one of its major exports, as is apparently the roasted lamb, honey and yogurt that goes with it. They are enjoyed in Silmaria. This was likely the location of ancient Greece.

Ancient Helena may have been an empire that encompassed both the glory of ancient Greece, and the grandeur that was ancient Rome.

Behind the scenes Edit

Helena takes its name from the term Hellenistic period or the ancient Greece period between the time of the death of Alexander the Great, and the emergence of the Roman Empire in 31 BC, and the conquest of the Ptolemaic Empire the following year. Hellenistic Greece lasted between 323 BC to 146 BC at the Battle of Corinth. Which ushered in Roman Greece.


  1. Marrak: "That is the delight of Helena, the mainland to the north. It is roasted honey lamb covered with yogurt and savory spices and wrapped in pita bread.

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