He Who Waits Behind, also known as the Djinni of the Ring, is an ancient magical Djinn who kept watch over a statue containing the malevolent Marid Djinn Iblis. He Who Waits Behind is the title given to the Djinni by Suleiman ben Daoud (the Djinni's real name has been lost to the ages).


When Suleiman bin Daoud trapped Iblis within a magical statue, he placed it in a chamber within his Forbidden City and decided that one of his Djinni followers would have to be tasked with keeping watch over the statue.

The Djinni remarks that he volunteered for the position, although was scoffed at by the other Djinn, "cause [he's] not very good at magic." Still, Suleiman accepted and bound the Djinn to a magical ring, which was kept in the same cavern containing Iblis. Since accepting this prophetic position a millenium ago, he has forgotten his given name and is known only by his titles.

Rediscovery Edit

The prophecy stated that Iblis would be lost for, "a thousand years and a year" - by the time of Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire, the prophecy has reached its full cycle. Ad Avis managed to acquire the statue of Iblis and sought to summon the Marid to his will, in order to conquer the world.

Thankfully, a mysterious Hero found the ring containing "He Who Waits Behind" and released him from his millennia slumber. Through the combined efforts of the Djinni and the Hero, the two made it to the Palace in Raseir and stopped Ad Avis from releasing Iblis. He Who Waits Behind thanked the Hero and then returned with the statue to the Forbidden City, where Iblis would lie for another thousand-and-one years.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Alternatively, the Djinni is referred to as "He who Waits Behind" or "He who waits Behind" at times.