Hades is the realm of Death, the land of 'land of the dead/realm of the dead'.

Background Edit

The gates to the Underworld can be opened anywhere that water flows into the earth, if a mixture of blood and water is poured into the flowing water, and a specific rhyme is spoken. A place where the gates can be opened lies near one of the Dragon Pillars in Silmaria.

The Elysian Fields of Hades is located there. The most of honored of individuals were sent there. However for most drank the waters of Lethe, and were sent to oblivion where they obtained eternal peace.

Hades may be physically attached to Gloriana, as it is said that all rivers that flow in the earth flow to Hades... Thus there are likely many gates near rivers that flow into the Underworld.

The realm can be referred to as the Underworld, although this also a region within the realm. Another region is known as the Abyss.

The restless dead and wicked spirits who travel to Hades are fated to wander lost in the halls of Hades, never to find the peace of oblivion. Even some 'good' spirits are restless until their 'unfinished business' or desires are completed in the realm of the living. Some may only find peace once their loved ones join them in the Hades, and then they can finally return to oblivion.

Hades is also for the land beyond the River Styx itself. The living shall not cross the River Styx into Hades.


Behind the scenesEdit

Logos refers to Hades as "Hell", but a message within Hades, says its "Hades, not Hell". Hell is the home of the Demon Wizard. Likewise the term 'underworld' can refer to various afterlives including; Tu-at, hell, Netherworld and Hades.

At least for the sake of Hades, the term Underworld, appears to denote that Hades is physically located under the earth, below the surface of Gloriana.

Some of the terms such as "Hades' Domain" may be a reference to the god "Hades" but there are no specific or direct references to the god in the game.