HERO: The Journal of General Job Adjusting (aka HERO Magazine) is a periodical in the world of Gloriana.


Each issue includes articles written from the viewpoints of fellow adventurers.

The Hero had picked up a fresh copy of Issue IV, apparently newly published, shortly after he saved Tarna[1], but before he was magically transported to Mordavia[2], but like most of his possessions, it was likely stripped from him during the transport. How, or who he obtained it from is unknown (or even why he obtained in the first place).

The Hero later found a, by then, old copy of the same issue inside the abandoned Adventurer's Guild in Mordavia. The issue had been locked up in the Guild not long after the swamp began to form, and October Derleth's travels to the land for the magazine.[3]. There it stayed collecting dust for several years when travel to the valley became almost completely closed off to the outside world by heavy rains, the road being washed out, heavy overgrowth, and the ever expanding swamp until it was discovered by the Hero.[4][5]

The issue proved to be useful to the Hero on several occasions during his adventures in Mordavia. When first encountering the Resulka, when he discovered the Leshy, as well as during an encounter with a Necrotaur, among other things[6] He also remembered hearing about the Necrophilicon from the issue.[7]

Not only is there an old copy of issue IV inside of the Adventurer's Guild in Mordavia, there is also a copy of HERO Magazine's Golden Guild Guide to Mordavia--Flora, Fauna, and Folklore.

The Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School in Silmaria has every back issue of the magazine; including the hard-to-find HERO: The Journal of General Job Adjusting: Issue 1).



Behind the scenesEdit

The length of time the magazine was locked up, and when the hero discovered suggests slow travel time for the Hero (or a paradox or anachronism), considering that it covers information from QFG2 and QFG3 (some concerning the Hero's adventurers in Tarna), was written about the same time the Dark Master 'moved' into the valley, and was written not long after the floods started in the valley, and then spent several years collecting dust in the locked-up Guild's library. For more information see, the Long timeline, and Mordavia History of Events: A Time Line.

The Mordavia Adventurer's Guild has one of the stairsteppers advertised in the issue, and has spent some time collecting dust as well.

In the novel it also says "The place was very dusty. No adventurer had been in here for some time." And also that it had been decades since the last person signed the logbook.


  1. On the other hand, for future promise, there's the young man I sponsored into the Wizards' Institute of Technocery a while ago. He has distinguished himself through Heroism and clever use of spells in lands ranging from Spielburg to Shapeir and Tarna. But let's wait and see how he continues to develop his skills before naming any names.
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