Spielburg GuardsEdit

The Spielburg Guard once had a legion of horses when it was strong.[1]

Shapeir GuardsEdit


These are the topics that the guards in the town can be asked about: name, merchant, monsters, desert, weather, caravan, Raseir, emir, magic, sultan, palace, kattas, bazaar, fountain, Shapeir, money, money changer, rumor, guild hall, astrologer, inn, Aziza, thief, elementals, fire elemental, air elemental, earth elemental, water elemental.

The gate guards can, except of the above, also be asked about: saurus, seller, stables, oasis, skareen, dunes, water, dervish, bedouins, griffin, nest<code>. Some of the replies are different from those of the town guards (eg. monsters, caravan), or vary depending on whether it's day or night, or if the Hero has bought a saurus.

Raseir GuardsEdit

  • Elija-One
  • Barli

Tarna GuardsEdit

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