Greece was a land in Gloriana.


Greece was once known for its glory.[1] The kingdoms of Helena and city Thebes are roughly located within or near mainland Greece. Mariana and Silmaria lie south of Helena but apparently lay within the bounds of the ancient Greece empire.

Once in Greece's past a young Hero (Jason) had travelled from the land in search of a fabulous fleece (Golden Fleece). He received help from Medea (they got married).[2] But from then on received no peace. Another famous hero of Greece was Hercules.

Greece is known for its Grecian urns[3], and winged statues also apparently represent the glory that was Greece.

Behind the scenesEdit

Helena and Greece may be names for same location, or at least share similar location.

Mariana and Silmaria more or less represents the islands of the Aegens, and thus lie south of Greece/Helena proper.


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