Gort is an artificial man created by the scientists Dr. Pretorius and Dr. Mobius. While at the Academy of Science in Silmaria, he serves as chief laboratory assistant to the scientists. In the Rites of Rulership, the scientists sponsor Gort as a contestant in the hopes that science will rule over superstition and magic. He also is among the gladiators who compete at the Silmarian Arena. During the Rite of Peace, the Hero discovers the secret lab where the scientists have waterproofed Gort to prepare him for a visit to Atlantis. The Hero also learns that the scientists are behind the drugging of the wizards Erasmus and Shakra, with Gort as their accomplice. When the Rite of Peace ends, Gort is disqualified from the Rites of Rulership and the two scientists (who turn out to be one person) are arrested. But during the final showdown with the Dragon of Doom, Gort by his own volition fights alongside the Hero, Elsa von Spielburg, Toro and Erana or Katrina. Depending on the Hero's class and on to whom (if anyone) the Hero is to be married, Gort volunteers to sacrifice himself to the Dragon to enable the others to survive. If Gort survives the battle, he is among the heroes honored at the coronation ceremony. 

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