The information from this article is from the fan game s or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


This article discusses the geography of Gloriana (aka Glorianna) as it appears in the non-Sierra sources such as fan games. This article covers the lands mentioned in those assorted sources. These are not endorsed or published by the current owners of the Quest for Glory Series, Activision. Some represent the Cole's personal visions of the Gloriana universe, others the fans.

Quest for Glory material published by Sierra is considered the original canon version.

Fan Fiction (misc.)Edit

Fan gamesEdit

ZZT universeEdit

  • Andropodia Uplands†
  • Dhurgei†
  • Aberian Desert†
  • Fairy Island†
  • Chadora's Pond†
  • Rebellion Island†
  • Dalban†
  • Drac'Threa†

†Further lands established in the King's Quest ZZT series.

AGDI universeEdit

†Further lands established into the AGDI universe by AGDI's King's Quest trilogy.

QFG4½ universeEdit


Heroine's QuestEdit

Technically not set on same world as Gloriana according to some of the developers. However, there is some cross-over material and characters. Such as Brauggi (unofficial), Antwerp (unofficial), and Elsa von Spielburg (unofficial) who show up. SPIM (unofficial) brand rations, Ring of Hera (unofficial), etc appear in the game. The game could easily take place in the same world but in the Northlands.

Behind the scenesEdit

QF4½ universeEdit

The pirate map of the lands near Spielburg is based on a map of River Country, Michigan.[1]