Germany is a land in Gloriana on the continent of Europe.


Germany is known for its stone quarries in both western Germany and eastern Germany which produce flag stones used to pave assorted places including the courtyard of Spielburg Castle.[1] German Shepherds are a breed of dog from Germany.[2] Bavaria is a region there.[3] The primary spoken language is German.

It is assumed that land of Spielburg lies in or near Germany in the region of Bavaria, and Willowsby lies close by as well. If Spielburg lies within Germany, then King Siegfried the Third, was once the king there centuries ago.

This is likely one of several nations involved in the battles of World War I. Leading to the building of the Maginot between the border of Gaul (France) and Germany. It likely saw itself split into western and eastern Germany after second war.

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The land of Germany is mentioned in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero (EGA). Some of the interviews and articles in InterAction magazine states that Spielburg is located in Germany or Tyrol. Bavaria also mentioned in QFG5.

The Hero spending time in 'medieval Germany' is mentioned in an article in InterAction magazine Fall 1992.

This maybe one of the series Anachronisms the series is well known for.


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