Geoff was the son of Piotyr and Magda. He is father (or grandfather) of Dmitri Ivanov.

Dmitri's father would never speak of Piotyr to his son, and wouldn't even allow his name to be mentioned (he was a bitter man[1]), and Dmitri's mother's father would speak no good of Piotyr. He only learned about his grandfather through rumor or hearsay, and Dmitri hated Piotyr for it.


  • Geoff's last name is not specified, its assumed to be Ivanov, based on his son's name.
  • It's not clear if Dmitri's mother is the daughter of Geoff, or if Dmitri's father was the son or grandson of Geoff. The latter would mean that Ivanov was added to the family name from an outside source (and not a name passed down from Piotyr's or Magna's lineage).
  • It's not clear if Geoff is Dmitri's direct father, or possibly his actual grandfather (if Piotyr is his great-grandfather).

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