Map of Fredonia

Fredonia is a land in northern Vespuciland in Gloriana.


Not much is known about the land. Alichica moved to Fredonia from Shapeir after his market stall was burnt by the Fire elemental.

Fredonia is located in northern Vespuciland, and includes states such as California, Kansas, Iowa, New York, Colorado, and Alaska, and containing cities such as Petalumeir, Fresno and Oakhurst.

The Mason-Dixon line divides the land between the north and the south.[1] Dixie land lies to the south of the line.[2] The Navaho live in the deserts to the southwest.

Alichica had a map of Fredonia behind his stall: it seemed to include main land United States, and Alaska (lower left edge of the map) and other islands related to a Polynesian island state of the nation (lower right)

Famous individuals from Fredonia include Harry Houdini.




Famous PeopleEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Fredonia is an homage to Freedonia. The term Fredonia (or Freedonia) was originally used after the American Revolution as an alternate term for the United States of America. It was later popularized as an imaginary country in the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup (QFG2 contains a number of homages to to the Marx Brothers; Alichica is a reference to Chico Marx). Freedonia was the land of the "home of the knave and the land of the spree" and was a satirical spoof on the America, which was known as the "home of the brave and the land of the free".

Fredonia, New York, is a real-life village which started a feud with the Marxes, because of that movie.

Also related if you ask Alichica about ducks he will even mention making duck soup.

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