Quest for Glory 1 food merchantsEdit


Hilde PferdefedernEdit

  • Apples: 1 silver for 10
  • Vegetables: 1 silver for 10

Other rationsEdit

Quest for Glory 2 food merchantsEdit

Sloree and ScoreeEdit

  • Dates: 30 centimes (20 centimes when bargaining)
  • Bread: 30 centimes (20 centimes)
  • Falafels: 70 centimes (60 centimes)
  • Saurus-on-a-Stick: 70 centimes (60 centimes)
  • Five Lizard Jerky (aka Rations): 1 dinar (90 centimes)

Other rationsEdit

In unofficial gamesEdit

Quest for Glory 3 food merchantsEdit


  • Sells dried meats.
  • Can be bargained down to 1 common.

Samra bin BalahEdit

  • The Hero has the option of neutralizing Harami by kicking over Bin Balah' fruit bowl. This is considered less honorable and scores fewer points than merely chasing the thief into the path of the guardsmen, and will also anger bin Balah.

The Fish MerchantEdit

  • Sells dried fish
  • Tells gossip that his sister the stair-sweeper overhears from the Liontaurs.

Other RationsEdit

  • The Hero begins with SPIM rations
  • The Simbani sometimes leave food in the guest hut for him.

Quest for Glory 4 food merchantsEdit

Olga StovichEdit

  • Garlic, avocado and pumpkin wheat bread sandwiches (aka Trail Rations)

Quest for Glory V food merchantsEdit

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