The cunning and manipulative Ferrari (referred as Signor in Raseir or Senor in Silmaria to those who value their lives) is a prominent mob boss with strong presence in the criminal underworld of Gloriana.

Background Edit

A very mysterious man, not much is known about Ferrari - neither his prime motives nor origins are extensively revealed during the series. A recluse, Ferrari seems to primarily keep to himself, relying on external contacts to do his bidding. During the series, he appears to be in pursuit of the fabled Falcon, an intricate carving of a falcon sculpted out of plain ebony - worth tremendous value, but also lost to the ages amongst three other replicas. He usually executes his plans and organizes his underlings from seemingly inconspicuous taverns (in reality, these serve as a facade for an underground network of criminal hideaways and conspiracy).

Ferrari has travelled all over Gloriana in his search for the bird - during Trial by Fire, he remarks that, "for seventeen years, [he has] sought the black bird."

Encounters with the HeroEdit


Ferrari closeup
During the events of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, the Hero, Devon Aidendale encounters Signor Ferrari in the Blue Parrot Inn, where he serves as a shady source of inside information about the city conflict and the rebellion against Khaveen.

If the player is a Thief, he will also task them with attempting to steal the fabled Black Bird from Khaveen's chambers - the ultimate heist and test of the player's stealth and resourcefulness thus far. However, after emerging victorious, Ferrari learns that the bird that was kept in Khaveen's possession was, in reality, a fake. Disgruntled, but not yet broken, Signor Ferrari and his confidant Wilmer close up shop and resume their search elsewhere.


By the time of Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire, Ferrari is encountered again - now operating from within the Dead Parrot Inn. He also owns and operates the Arena and has a respectable home on Nob Hill, and is also the owner of the deed for Gnome Ann's Land Inn.

Titles and nicknames Edit

  • Signor
  • Fat Man


  • "I dislike a man who doesn't drink. It reveals a distinct lack of trust. And you can trust me, my good sir."