Far-see (aka Farsee) is a spell that allows a caster to see far distances. Farsee is a ritual spell that allows the spellcaster to view things far away. It uses some form of magic item such as a crystal ball or a mirror.[1] Aziza uses Far-see to look into distant lands. When she attempted to use Far-see to look into the city of Raseir, the city appeared as if it was wrapped in a web of darkness.

Behind the scenesEdit

Aziza first uses 'Far-see' in QFG2 to look into Raseir, in QFG3 Kreesha uses 'Farsee' to look for the source of Demonic magic in Tarna, at the end it can be seen that Ad Avis and his Master were likely using Farsee to find the Hero, and in QFG4 Erasmus and Fenrus likely are using Farsee to find the Hero.


  1. Kreesha (QFG3)
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