The Faerie Folk are a humanoid race of the world of Gloriana.


They are a race of inherently magical people native to the Northern lands in Gloriana. Almost nothing is known about their physiology (except that they can interbreed with humans) or culture. Most seem to come from the Eastern Woods a land of forests far beyond the mountains of Spielburg Valley near Mordavia. Some may originate to the west of Spielburg Valley as well.

These magical beings remain aloof from mankind, and dwell in remote areas. However, they have been known to interact with humans, providing they want something. Faerie Folk are often powerful magic users, especially in spells of illusion.

Faerie Folk should not to be confused with much smaller type of Fairies.

Notable Faerie FolkEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

QFG1 originally states that the Faerie Folk (including Zara and Erana) originated from the woods far beyond the mountains west of Spielburg, however this appears to have been retconned as its later stated that Zara was from the "Eastern Woods", and it is stated in Shadows of Darkness that the fairies originated in or near Mordavia.

The fairy folk appear to be similar to elves or high elves in other high fantasy settings. In particular sylvan elves. Some reviewers mistakeningly call them elves, although there maybe some support to them being an elven race as opposed to true Fairies (tiny winged fairies/pixies) as the orignal designers have called Erana half-Elven in some of the later versions of the stories, see Erana (School For Heroes). Other than that elf was to be a playable magic wielding race/class from the original concepts of Hero's Quest. An actual 'elf' may appear on the cover for the QFG1 Technical Manual as one of the developers.