Erana's Garden (aka Erana's Orchard) is the only safe place outside the Mordavian town gates when you are in the forest at night; it is located directly south of the Leshy's clearing, which is south-east of the Cemetary, but it can only be entered from the south, making a bit of a walkaround. The Garden's magic protects it from harm. There is a magical tree which grows Mana Fruit (which must be retrieved by the Fetch Spell) and a stream that purifies and heals you when you drink from it (for example when you get poisoned).

The Garden has a slight Japanese bent to it, with stone lanterns, a small bridge, and stream flowing around the island with the Mana Fruit Tree.

There's 30 crowns stashed in the stone lantern closest to the entrance, and Erana concealed the Protection scroll in the garden to be found and learned by a clever Wizard. Take them and be welcome, Hero.

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