Elsa von Spielburg first appeared in Quest for Glory I : So You Want to Be a Hero and later appeared in Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.

Background Edit

Elsa is the daughter of Baron Stefan von Spielburg. Her mother died in childbirth. After her father was cursed by the Ogress Baba Yaga, eight year-old Elsa was abducted from the castle grounds by a winged creature (which was presumably a servant of Baba Yaga or her hut itself), after which she was enchanted (given spells of protection and magical amnesia) by the Ogress.

Elsa then somehow came to be raised by the Brigands of Spielburg Valley. Having inherited her father's leadership and strategic talents, she grew to become the Brigand Leader with no awareness of her past. Her trusted friend, the Baron's jester Yorick, eventually found her, but being unable to release her from Baba Yaga's spell, he chose to remain at her side as her Warlock.

She was freed by the Hero when he threw a Dispel Potion upon her, breaking Baba Yaga's spell and restoring her memory.

Rites of Rulership Edit

After the hero left the valley she drove the brigands away. She was called a hero by all except by her brother, Barnard von Spielburg. He considered her actions unladylike and unsuitable for his little sister. He expected her to wear dresses and wanted her to marry a nearby nobleman. He also didn't approve of her choice of Toro as a friend. She informed him bluntly how little she cared about his suggestions of her life and future. After Stefan retired as baron, Barnard assumed his place. Elsa left Spielburg due to the rift between them.

She competed with the Hero in the Rites of Rulership. During this time she stayed in an island palace owned by Minos. Unbeknownst to Elsa, Minos was behind the king's death and was plotting to use the Dragon of Doom in a plan to retake his family's ancient rule over Silmaria. After Minos' treachery was revealed, she sided with the Hero against him.

She was invited to Silmaria by Minos who had heard of her reputation as a heroine, and wished her to enter the Rites. He claimed she would make an excellent ruler.

Elsa eventually becomes Queen of Silmaria, if the Hero does not claim the title himself. She is one of the four possible brides of the Hero, and is particularly well suited to a Fighter or Thief. She also assists in a side quest for the Thief.

Personality and traits Edit

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Behind the scenesEdit

  • Elsa is a brunette in the original EGA version of Quest For Glory I, but is a blonde in the VGA remake and in Dragon Fire.

Elsa von Spielburg (unofficial)Edit

Elsa appears in the fan games, see Elsa von Spielburg (unofficial).

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