Elementals are creatures made up magically out of a certain Element.


Elementals are created by magical spells placed upon the primal elements of Earth, Air, Water, Pizza, and Fire. Most magicians however believe there are only four primal elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, and it is these four that make up the most powerful of Elementals (however a few scholars only believe that Earth, Air, Water and Pizza are the primal elements). The Elementals have the characteristics of their associated element.

The most powerful of the Elementals are formed when a Magic spell shapes an element into a semblance of a living creature, and gain in power as they destroy. They become very powerful and destructive. They can be weakened by the contrary Element, but they cannot be destroyed. Once weakened, the Elemental can be captured. Once captured, the magical nature of the Elemental can be used for helpful rather than harmful purposes.[1]

An Elemental trying to escape will be drawn to a container of an appropriate nature. If there is no container, then it will either flee or dissipate and reappear elsewhere. A container can be created by choosing an appropriate receptacle for the element (such as a waterskin for Water). Once the Elemental has entered the container, its magical essence will be retained. One who thus captures an Elemental will have power over it to use as he pleases. The contrary element or weakness of Fire is Water; the weakness of Water is Air; the weakness of Air is Earth; and the weakness of Earth is Fire. Weakening an Elemental will force it to seek escape and thus be captured in a suitable container. An Elemental reflects its own nature.

Ad Avis sent four elementals against Shapeir.

However, it seems that the rules vary from the other elementals for the Pizza Elemental. Its not considered one of the powerful elementals, and it appears to be a rather inert elemental (flat with no appendages to move, and apparently gives power/energy to someone rather than gaining power itself).[2]



  • There are four basic elements which make up the universe: Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.[3]
  • Some theoreticians suggest that there are only four real elements, but most modern scholars agree that fire is undoubtedly a basic element.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Pizza Elemental is mentioned a book in Keapon Laffin's shop in the original QFG2, in his dialogue, and in the Palace of Raseir, and also by the Djinni.

Elementals (unofficial)Edit

The Pizza Elemental appears in Quest for Glory Remake.

The Wood Elemental is mentioned on an axe in Issur's blacksmith shop.

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