Egypt is a land in Gloriana located in North Fricana.


It is a land of dusty deserts to the north of Tarna. Egypt is bordered by the Red Sea to the east and the Med Sea to the north. It is the land of the Pharaoh. The common language spoken in Egypt is Egyptian.

Gaza a city in Egypt. The bazaar of Gaza sells many things. Visitors to Egypt must take care that locals do not cheat them.

The tomb of Anon-Ha is located in Egypt. Henry the Hermit owns an ancient Egyptian pot originated from the tomb. The Rosella Stone was discovered in Egypt as was a sarcophagus (wrapped in a Laura Bow).

Rasha Rakeesh SahTarna once traveled to Egypt following Demons that had traveled north from Tarna. He was taught the way of the Paladin in Gaza.

It was also the former home of Amenhotep who was known as The Mummy.

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