The Eastern Woods (aka the Eastern Forest) are the homelands of the Faerie Folk, a people of Power and Magic.


The forests are located far beyond the mountains of Spielburg Valley near Mordavia (and within eastern Mordavia[1]). Zara Shashina claimed to have once lived in the woods to the west of Spielburg[2], and the woods to the east near Mordavia were the homelands of her people; including the Mage Erana and Tatiana, Queen of the Faerie Folk.[3][4][5]

The edge of the forest within Mordavia includes the Graveyard, and runs south down to the barrow where Piotyr was killed by the Master Wraith, and runs to the eastern edge of the valley near the Gypsy Camp to the area where Baba Yaga sometimes dwells in Mordavia, though the woods probably extend much further.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is interesting to note that according to QFG2 it would seem that Faerie Folk live in the eastern part of the world in the direction of Mordavia, east of Spielburg. In HERO: The Journal of General Job Adjusting, the Faerie Folk are included as monsters and creatures of the forests of Mordavia. It is also said in the Shadows of Darkness that Erana was from Mordavia as well. It is also mentioned that the Faery Folk seen in Mordavia reminds the Hero of Zara back in Spielburg, and that she had called herself part of the "Faerie Folk", and in QFG2, Zara is also said to be the Emissary of her race (Wizard of the Eastern Woods, Emissary of the Faerie Folk). The queen of the Faerie Folk appears in QFG4.


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