The Dryad of the Woods is a tree nymph. She is literally the personification of Mother Nature.

Background Edit

She is the keeper of the woods and lives inside an oak in a glade of Spielburg Valley.

The Hero found her while following and admiring the white stag. As he approached the oak, she told him about the evil harassing the forest. She requested from him a seed from the Spore-Spitting Spirea of the North to preserve the species. When the Hero brings her the seed, she gives him the recipe to the dispel potion and also gives him a magic acorn.

Titles and namesEdit

  • Dryad of the Woods
  • Mother Nature

Behind the scenesEdit

The Dryad will transform the hero into a Spore-Spitting Spirea if he kills one in order to get the seed. She will also turn him into a White Stag if the hero attempts to harm the stag.

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