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Djinn are powerful magical beings that roam the land. There are five types of Djinn: Djinn, Djann, Shaitan, Ifreet, and Marid, are magical creatures of high intelligence found primarily around the lands of Shapeir.

They are all shape-changers, but most frequently take man-like forms. They are occasionally found trapped in items such as bottles and rings. Releasing a Djinni from such an item can be very dangerous.

Djann take the shape of animals, live in the mountainous areas to avoid outsiders, and are seldom seen. Djinn are more powerful, commonly associated with air, and live in the clouds. Tales are told of wishes being granted to whomever releases a Djinni from an item. Tales are also told of the Djinni destroying the one who released him. Shaitan prefer to live around streams, waterways, and running water. As this is an extremely arid region, Shaitan are extremely rare. Ifreet are fiery creatures that prefer the remote dunes of the desert. Marid are the most powerful of all the Djinn. The master of the Marid is Iblis.

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