A dispel potion is a magical mixture designed to reverse the effects of ongoing enchantments upon a living being. Such potions feature in Quest for Glory I, II and III and may be made with a number of different recipes.

Uses by the HeroEdit

Bringing the Child from Out the BandEdit


Dispel Potion as seen in QFG1VGA

In Quest for Glory I, a single dispel potion was needed that the Hero might free the enchanted Elsa von Spielburg from Baba Yaga's curse. After being informed of such a potion by the Dryad of the Woods, the adventurer would need to gather a magical acorn, water from the nearby Flying Falls, green fur, flowers from Erana's Peace, and fairy dust and take them to the nearby healer, Amelia Appleberry, that she might combine them appropriately.

Once this was done, the hero had but to cast the mixture onto Elsa as he confronted her within the Brigands' stronghold. Once the concoction fell upon the young woman, her memories of her true origins were revealed to her, and she was able to return to the castle of her father.

Restoring the Emir and OthersEdit

In Quest for Glory II, the druggist Harik Attar could create a dispel potion using the feather of a griffin and the fabled fruit of compassion. Unlike the dispel potion the hero had used in Spielburg, however, it was necessary to combine the potion first with the hair of the person who required disenchanting - and the mixture would have to be imbibed rather than applied topically.

This potion made it possible for the Hero to restore Emir Arus al-Din to his human shape, and could also be used to free Ad Avis' apprentice, Al Scurva from a spell which had transformed him into a chimerical beast.

Dealing with DemonsEdit

In Quest for Glory III, dispel potions were necessary for a number of tasks. They could be concocted by the healer Salim Nafs, who would need the waters of the Pool of Peace, the fruit of nearby poisonous vines and a gift from the great Mother of the World.

Using these potions, the Hero would be able to transmute Johari from a humanoid leopardess back into her true form; to free the Leopardman Shaman from the grip of demonic possession; and to likewise exorcise Rakeesh's daughter Reeshaka Dar Kreesha.