Devon Aidendale, the Hero, is the player's character, and protagonist of the series (although any name can be chosen). He was originally from Willowsby where he lived with his parents the Aidendales.[1] He had distinguished himself through Heroism and clever use of spells in lands ranging from Spielburg to Shapeir and Tarna to Mordavia to Silmaria.[2]


Devon came from the town of Willowsby (a village in valley a month's journey across the mountains from Spielburg to the east) where he lived with his parents, prior to Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero. His parents protested his dream to become a hero, but ultimately conceded to let him train. He had completed his Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School course. He had become a proud and eager new graduate, with honors. He began his first and only visit to his town's Adventurer's Guild Hall and read the quest board looking for a hero for the land of Spielburg. He left his Eastern homeland to become a hero.

Becoming a heroEdit

He arrived at Spielburg just before an avalanche of snow blocked the only exit, and helped find both the Baron's lost children and drove Baba Yaga from the valley, earning him the title of "Hero of Spielburg". After that, he restored peace to the twin cities of Shapeir and Raseir and was adopted as prince by Sultan Harun al-Rashid, and was sponsored into the Wizards' Institute of Technocery by Erasmus[3]. Later he eliminated the demon threat in Tarna, and freed the soul of Erana, stopped the summoning of Avoozl. In his last known adventure, he competed in the Rites of Rulership and defeated the Dragon of Doom, saving Silmaria.

End of his adventuresEdit

He became the king of Silmaria (or refused the throne), and was married (either to Elsa von Spielburg, Katrina, Erana, or Nawar or two or three at the same time depending on the player's class and preferences).

Personality and traits Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name Devon Aidendale is the name of the character as he appears in the novelized versions of the story within the official Quest for Glory: The Authorized Strategy Guide by Paula Spiese, Lori Cole,and Corey Cole. In the manuals screenshots of the menu are shown, with the character given amusing sample names, such as "Dingleberry", or "Gonad the Barbarian" (see Hero).
  • The town of Willowsby and character of Devon Aidendale became canon after they were published in Quest for Glory: The Authorized Strategy Guide) (though not mentioned in the games).[13] According to Corey Cole the hero's name and the name of his village is not given to intentionally allow players to decide on it themselves.[14][15]
  • The wiki primary goes with his nickname "The Hero" or "Unknown Hero" when discussing this character.

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