Davey is a male gypsy appearing in Quest for Glory IV. It is not his real name (which remains unknown) but a nickname he gives to outsiders. Davey is a shapeshifter, capable of taking the form of a wolf at will.

The Hero can meet Davey before Day 10 by traveling to the Gypsy Camp, however at that time Davey comes out and asks the Hero to leave the camp. On the morning of Day 10, Davey gets captured by Burgomeister Ivanov for sneaking around the Town walls after Dr. Cranium has reported that Igor didn't return from the Cemetery by sundown of Day 9. Davey is therefore blamed for Igor's murder and is to be executed by Day 11 morning, when the Hero frees him just hours prior to sunrise. To avoid suspicion, Davey tells the Hero to come visit the Camp the next day.

On Day 12, Igor is finally found in one of the graves, and the gypsy's attitude toward the Hero changes completely. Davey welcomes him and escorts him to see Magda. At this point, the Hero obtains an amulet (or a spell) of magical protection against the wraiths and assists the gypsy feast with Davey and the others turning into wolves for amusement. In the morning, Davey bids his goodbye and leaves Mordavia alongside the rest of the Camp.

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