Danesmark is a land in the far northlands of Europe in or near Jotunheim. The Joonas Juniper is a variety of evergreen that is common in the far Northlands of the Danesmark and Finelandia. Danesmark lies to the south of Norway, and borders Germany to the north. Some of the trees growing in Silmaria originate from the Danesmark and Finelandia.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Danesmark is obviously based on earth land of Denmark. Denmark lies south of Sweden.

This text may also say Finelandia instead of Danesmark. It is unclear if this is a change in game versions, or regional releases. Both variants appear in the game files under 225.qgm, and 225-1.qgm respectively.


  1. Narrator (QFG5): "This seems to be a variety of evergreen known as the Joonas Juniper. It's common in the far northlands of the Danesmark.

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