Dahab Khalis is the money changer of Tarna.


Dahab was once the money changer of Raseir. Many years ago when Ad Avis took over, he moved with his family to Tarna. His family was very happy there.

Khalis will offer to purchase the hero's Shapeir dinars and exchange them for Tarna royals and commons.

Personality and traitsEdit

His name means "fine gold" in the language of the Middle East.

Khalis operates from a cashier-window located in the far north of the bazaar. The hero will first encounter him during an attempted theft upon him perpetrated by Harami.

Khalis does not often deal in local gossip; when questioned about rumors, he will state his views on possible catalysts of currency fluctuation in other nations until he realizes that the hero is asking about local rumors.


It is good to hear such news of Shapeir. My family and I moved here many years from Raseir.

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